Transportable Bleachers


Can be moved from one area of the grounds to the next (5 M.P.H. max). This versatile system, available with 5 rows or 10 rows, is the perfect solution for adding seating where permanent year round bleacher seating is not required. Sharing Transportable Bleachers is an affordable multi-area solution. The Transportable Bleacher is available with an extra heavy aluminum understructure or a galvanized steel understructure. There is additional cross- bracing and added galvanized steel horizontal lifting braces on the front and rear of the understructure for added stability when moving the system. Transportable Bleachers require a Transport Kit (sold separately) that includes a jack for lifting the system to insert the wheel assembly, the wheel assembly with attached axle, tongue assembly and removable tongue assembly brackets to secure the tongue assembly. A heavy duty Transport Kit (with built-in hydraulic jack and larger 14″ wheels) is required for all 10 row and elevated systems.  These systems are not intended for use on any public roadways.  All Transportable bleachers include ground sills and are available in “Standard”, “Preferred” & “Deluxe” models.