Artificial Grass


At The Playground, Shade and Surfacing Depot, our artificial grass / artificial turf is as strong as it is beautiful.  Our SYNLawn Playground system provides the safety you need with all the allure of a lush green lawn.  With natural color blends and durable fibers, no matter what your children dish out, our artificial grass can take it for years to come and look good doing it.

Unlike natural grass, our artificial turf will not stain clothes when kids play on it, roll on it or even slide on it.  Your kids will stay clean even after a rain.  Our playgrounds drain at a rate of up to 30 inches an hour allowing for use immediately following a heavy storm.   Another huge benefit to artificial grass is that lack of allergy concerns.  Your children will be able to play comfortably on our artificial grass without suffering from allergies caused by natural grass.

Commercial playground use of our artificial grass system is available with ASTM standardized tested products for fall ratings up to 12 feet.  In addition, our artificial turf system is ADA compliant.  Fall heights are attained through the use of our artificial grass and a comprehensive, versatile system underneath utilizing 100% recycled foam padding that meets CPSC and ASTM standards.  If needed for childcare licensing or simply desired, we have Independent Lab Testing for our products as well which are available upon request.  Please note that not all turf is created equally, so we advise you to request ASTM and CPSC approved certificates and Independent Lab Testing Reports from any vendor you may be seeking information from for a commercial playground installation.

Another huge benefit to The Playground, Shade and Surfacing Depot’s artificial turf unlike our competitors is the HeatBlock™ technology built into our SYNLawn playground systems.  This technology lowers rising temperatures by reflecting sunlight, thus reducing heat build-up and thermal emissivity.  Therefore, our artificial grass with HeatBlock™ Technology incorporates infrared reflective pigments and a shape that help dissipate heat build-up and reduce fiber emissivity by as much as 20% cooler than similar artificial turf products.


Installation is the key to proper protection and safety with artificial turf.  We provide the most comprehensive playground installations in the business and will work with you to determine the best sub-base and system to fit your needs.  Each commercial playground installation is designed to the type of commercial playground equipment used, critical fall height of the commercial playground and your individual needs.

Contact us today for any further questions or to request a complimentary quote for your next surfacing or playground safety surfacing project.