When it comes to surfacing, we understand that you may be looking for playground safety surfacing, grass replacement for those worn out and muddy areas, residential grass replacement (especially around pools), dog park grass, trike track creation or a host of other ideas.  That is why we offer an extensive line of surfacing options from artificial grass and playground wood chips to concrete and poured in place rubber.  Tell us your idea and vision and let us help you fulfill your surfacing needs.

Safety first. Never is that more true or important than when it comes to kids playing on playgrounds. Most injuries on playgrounds occur as the result of a fall on surfaces that are abrasive, hard or simply unsafe. The safety surface around playground equipment is a critical aspect of play environment design, directly affecting safety, accessibility, cost and usability. When thinking of keeping children safe, playground surfacing is not an area to forget or skimp on the budget.

All of our commercial playground safety surfaces are tested to meet ASTM F1292 standards for resilience.  Knowing that ADA requirements is important, most of our playground surfacing options we offer meet ADA requirements, allowing wheelchairs to move freely on them.  In addition to all of the surfacing options, we also offer an array of commercial playground borders to help keep any loose fill playground surfacing materials in its place. From wooden borders to rotationally-molded plastic borders, we have a variety of playground surfacing borders to choose from.

You can find all types of playground surfacing at The Playground, Shade and Surfacing Depot, including engineered wood fiber (EWF) also known as playground wood chips, poured in place rubber (PIP), artificial grass / turf, rubber tiles and bonded rubber.  All of the playground surfaces you find here will be safe for children and help complete your vision for a unique and safe learning environment.  Feel free to explore our various playground surfacing options and/or contact us today for a surfacing quote or to answer any further questions.