Pool Equipment

Pool Climbing Wall

Add adventure to your aquatic area with a poolside climbing wall. Kersplash™ is suited for indoor or outdoor use and is available in two panel styles. Kersplash™ Crystal Clear complements any aquatic center and offers visibility to areas behind the wall. Kersplash™ Color makes a bold visual statement with brightly colored panels. Both styles are made from UV- and chlorine-resistant materials and feature red, yellow and orange Groperz™ Hand Holds. The Kersplash™ frame is constructed of high-quality, 100% passivated stainless steel to withstand harsh pool environments.
Climbing increases fitness levels through development of strength, coordination, cardiovascular endurance and muscle endurance. It also provides participants with positive risk taking and creative problem solving. And best of all, it’s a SPLASH!

Kersplash™ Pool Climbing Walls are modular and can be made to fit any space and deck configuration. The 4’ panels attach to a stainless steel frame allowing you to customize the height and width of the wall to meet your needs. *KERSPLASH™ POOL WALL PACKAGE INCLUDES: Kersplash™ panels, Stainless Steel Structure, Groperz™ Hand Holds with stainless steel mounting hardware, Kersplash™ Rules & Guidelines Sign and Safety, Care and Maintenance Instructions. Choose 16’, 12’ or 8’ High Sections. Top Guard Panel included.

NOTE: A designated “drop zone” is recommended at the base of Kersplash™ to keep swimmers out of this area.

  • Kersplash™ pool climbing walls require:
  • 35” of deck space
  • 4’ of clearance behind the wall for a walkway
  • 5’ to either side of your wall
  • 10’ drop zone
  • Pool depth determines the height of the wall


Pool Lifts

In July of 2010, the US Department of Justice released updated ADA Standards for Accessible Design. Among other things, the 2010 ADA Standards establish accessibility requirements for swimming pools, wading pools, and spas. The 2010 ADA Standards provide information on which types of facilities and companies need to comply, how many and what types of methods of entry are required and permitted, and information on deadlines and enforcement.
Some of the Key Highlights of the Standards include:

  • Every commercial pool needs an ADA approved means of access
  • Pools less than 300 Linear Feet require ONE primary means of access
  • Pools greater than 300 Linear Feet require TWO accessible means of access. At least one of these means of access must be a primary means.

Accessible Equipment:
Swimming pool lifts and sloped entries are the two primary means of access. Transfer walls, transfer systems, or pool stairs are secondary means of access and can be used when there is also a primary means of access in place.
Required Features:
300 lbs. minimum weight capacity
Swimming pool lifts must have a weight capacity of 300 pounds minimum and be capable of sustaining a static load of at least one and a half times the rated load. However, according to the ADA Standards, “Pool lifts should be provided that meets the needs of the population they serve. Providing a pool lift with a weight capacity greater than 300 pounds (136kg) may be advisable.”

Seats – Solid seat at least 16″ wide
There are a variety of seats available made of different materials. Pool lift seats made of corrosion resistant materials that provide a padded yet firm base are the most user-friendly. Although not required, seats with backs enable a larger number of persons with disabilities to use the lift independently. Additional enhancements to support a wider variety of people include headrests, seat belts, and additional leg support.

Footrests – must be provided and move with the seat
This provides more stability for the lift user. Padded footrests provide extra comfort and help reduce the chance of injury. Footrests are NOT required on lifts provided in spas

Armrests. Armrests are not required.
If provided, the armrest positioned opposite the water should be removable or should be able to fold clear of the seat when the seat is in the raised (load) position.

Capable of unassisted operation from the deck and the water
Allows a person to call the lift when the pool lift is in the opposite position. It is extremely important for a person who is swimming alone to be able to call the pool lift when it is in the up position so he or she will not be stranded in the water for extended periods of time awaiting assistance.

Ease of Operation
A person must be able to operate the lift with one hand, and the operating controls must not require tight grasping, pinching, or twisting of the wrist. Controls must not require more than five pounds of pressure to operate. The controls and operating mechanisms should be unobstructed when the lift is in use.


Swimming Pool Covers

Swimming pool covers and thermal pool covers, used on indoor and/or outdoor pools and spas save money – often paying for themselves in less than one year. Swimming pool cover panels come complete with loop ties for attaching the individual pool cover panels to a stainless steel Bitterroot portable pool blanket storage reel system.

Features of our swimming pool covers include:

  • Reduces energy consumption by maintaining swimming pool temperature
  • Reduces facility building maintenance and pool cleaning costs
  • Reduces corrosion of indoor facilities, extending the life of the equipment
  • Reduces chemical consumption
  • Easy to deploy and retrieve
  • Edged with a tubular weighted HDPE, UV protected, material that contains flow holes to hold swimming pool covers in place in windy environments
  • Swimming pool covers are available in regular and irregular shapes
  • Edging does not crack or flake
  • Fabricated of a top and bottom layer of heavy-duty thread count per inch material, 3.0 mil – UV protected, HDPE, flame laminated to a closed cell, irradiated cross-linked EVA enhanced insulating polyethylene foam, Volara-1/8″
  • Available in 10×10, 10×14 and 12×12 threads per inch


Water Slides & Pool Slides

Our water slides and pool slides are designed for recreational aquatics centers and community swimming pools. The slide structures are made entirely of stainless steel for corrosion resistance and visual appeal with heavy duty roto-molded flumes.

The rotationally molded flumes are available in a wide selection of colors, with a unique line that features a high recycled material content and may allow for certain government incentives or local initiatives.

The large deck and stairs feature a non-slip walking surface and are surrounded by clear, UV-protected polycarbonate panels for enhanced visibility. As an additional safety feature, the stairs feature a self-closing gate to deter unauthorized use.

A wide variety of flume and stair configurations makes the water slide line compatible with a variety of deck styles.