Swimming Pool Covers


Swimming pool covers and thermal pool covers, used on indoor and/or outdoor pools and spas save money – often paying for themselves in less than one year. Swimming pool cover panels come complete with loop ties for attaching the individual pool cover panels to a stainless steel Bitterroot portable pool blanket storage reel system.
Features of our swimming pool covers include:

  • Reduces energy consumption by maintaining swimming pool temperature
  • Reduces facility building maintenance and pool cleaning costs
  • Reduces corrosion of indoor facilities, extending the life of the equipment
  • Reduces chemical consumption
  • Easy to deploy and retrieve
  • Edged with a tubular weighted HDPE, UV protected, material that contains flow holes to hold swimming pool covers in place in windy environments
  • Swimming pool covers are available in regular and irregular shapes
  • Edging does not crack or flake
  • Fabricated of a top and bottom layer of heavy-duty thread count per inch material, 3.0 mil – UV protected, HDPE, flame laminated to a closed cell, irradiated cross-linked EVA enhanced insulating polyethylene foam, Volara-1/8″
  • Available in 10×10, 10×14 and 12×12 threads per inch