Dog Park Products & Dog Agility Courses

Build a community destination that provides the opportunity for exercise and interaction between dogs in a secure environment. Our dog park equipment designs are based on popular agility obstacles and have been developed for use by dogs of all abilities and confidence levels. Most of all, Dog Parks bring people and communities together by building attractive and fun places for pets and their families to exercise and socialize!

We offer:

  • A variety of agility-based dog park equipment and dog play components that promote healthy behaviors for dogs like crawling, climbing, jumping, weaving, and balancing.
  • Coordinating site amenities and site furniture to complete the dog park environment and reflect the man’s best friend.
  • Pet accessories such as leash posts, pet waste stations, drinking fountains (for humans and pets!), and welcome/rules signs that complete the dog park and promote safety and comfort for both four legged visitors and two legged friends.
  • Artificial grass that is gentle on dog paws and yet strong enough for multiple playful canines. We have several dog park systems to help reduce and control odor while providing lush green surfaces to play.

All our dog park equipment has been developed for use by dogs of all abilities and confidence levels. Steel walking planks feature a proprietary CanineCoat™, a thermoplastic coating that has been specially developed to provide superior slip-resistant traction for dog’s paws. CanineCoat™ is a tough commercial coating that provides superior adhesion, UV protection, and resistance to vandalism and urine. Made in the USA.