High Tensile Shade Structures

The Playground, Shade and Surfacing Depot offers shade structures that offer 100% UVA and UVB protection as well as 100% water repellency. These shade structures come in various styles including retractable commercial umbrella structures, cantilevered shade structures and custom tension shade structures.

This unique line of shade structure product provides shade through the use of a high tensile membrane made of PVC coated polyester fabric. This membrane itself is actually classified as a roofing material due to its numerous uses to provide cover. The membrane is carefully measured, cut and welded with a high frequency welder versus stitched together as traditional shade fabric canopies are made.

These structures offer an expanse of architectural shade design opportunity, custom configurations to retrofit or create new shade opportunity and a look and feel that dramatically enhances any project, space or application. In addition, custom logos, artwork, family crest or other images can be printed into the fabric for a custom one of a kind look to your shade structure.

Although our High Tensile Membrane Shade Structures may not be the most economical way to provide shade, they certainly provide the look and benefit not offered in other forms of shade coverage.

Custom High Tensile Shade Structure

Custom high tension shade structures are a combination of beautiful architectural design, incredible strength, and durability. These shade structures can provide architectural designs that are only dreamed about. If you have a project that you want to have a lasting impression that is not a “cookie cutter” design, let us help you craft a masterpiece that serves both form and function.

Fixed Panorama Umbrella Shade

Our Panorama range umbrellas are fixed-perimeter, framed shade structures that have been designed, engineered and manufactured to provide all types of weather protection for any area. These unique structures are suitable for the harshest of conditions. This strength is acquired by combining structure grade steel frames with an architectural grade PVDF skin which can be custom designed to tolerate wind loads up to 149 mph. The Panorama range has been designed to incorporate a clear drop curtain with a water flow controlled gutter system that can be attached to the perimeter frame providing the ultimate outdoor entertaining solution for all seasons. The use of multiple square edged fixed umbrellas can be joined together to create a fully waterproof, multiple conic, structure for large outdoor areas.

Sunset Retractable Umbrella

Our Sunset retractable umbrellas are engineered to withstand winds of up to 75mph when opened and 93mph when retracted. The flexibility of this style is that in high winds or threatening weather, the umbrellas can be retracted in moments; so easy a small child could do it. The unique gearing mechanism concealed inside the umbrella column allows the umbrellas to be retracted effortlessly and smoothly with a removable handle.

The unique conical shape of these shade umbrellas is very contemporary and come in various styles and colors including square, rectangle and hexagon. Shade umbrella sizes range from 6 foot to 18 foot. The umbrella frame is made from aluminum and hardware is stainless steel which minimizes any corrosion problems especially around wet areas.

Vista Cantilever Retractable Umbrella

Our Vista cantilever shade umbrella is a solid and strong commercial umbrella with one distinct advantage: no center post. For covering swimming pools, spas, patios, alfresco dining and much more, our Vista series offers the incredible benefit of body movement without worrying about posts. Made from structural steel and powder coated with a zinc primer and your choice of color, they are wind rated to 75 mph. Like the Sunset range, they are fully retractable; however, they can also pivot 360 degrees using our optional pivot base. The rotating base is perfect for utilizing the shade at varying times of the day or for covering more than one area.

The unique conical shape of these shade umbrellas is very contemporary and come in various styles and colors including square, rectangle and hexagon. Shade umbrella sizes range from 10 foot to 18 foot.