Pour in Place Rubber Surfacing – PIP


Poured in place rubber, PIP,  or also known as pour in place rubber playground surfacing is made mainly from recycled materials and is installed in thicknesses from 1-1/2″ to 4-1/2″ designed to attenuate up to specific critical fall heights based on your commercial playground equipment deck height. The surface layer also called EPDM can be specified in one or a combination of 12 colors, and the impact layer also called SBR provides maximum attenuation for safety complete with professional installation. Poured in place rubber surfacing is an excellent choice if you want to reduce maintenance costs for the life of the playground.

We can provide a turnkey rubber playground surfacing by excavating your existing site, installing the proper subbase which is a critical part of the quality of your playground surfacing project and installing the PIP surfacing over top.  A pour in place playground surfacing will last you many years and requires very little maintenance.  The poured rubber surfacing can be pressure washed for cleaning and can be installed in a variety of color combinations.  We can even do pour in place rubber for indoor playgrounds and indoor play space surfacing as well.

Poured in place rubber (PIP) affords low-maintenance surfacing with the capability to add graphics such as logos, shapes and figures. Along with rubber tiles, poured in place rubber provides the best wheelchair access among the various surfacing options for commercial playgrounds, residential playgrounds or anywhere else that a unitary surfacing may be required.