Playground Mulch / Playground Wood Fiber


Playground Mulch, EWF, Engineered Wood Fiber or sometimes called playground wood chips are specifically designed and engineered for impact attenuation on playground surfaces and meets CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) and ASTM standards. The Playground, Shade and Surfacing Depot suggest the use of swing wear mats / slide wear mats on top of playground mulch and periodic maintenance including additional playground wood chips as needed to maintain the required depth. When compacted, playground mulch, EWF , meets the ASTM standard specification for determination of accessibility of surface systems for playgrounds.

Playground mulch, EWF.  or playground wood chips is the most economical ADA-compliant playground surfacing material on the market, at least in initial cost. We recommend and provide superior drainage bases for EWF – use zones to protect your investment as well as the children who play on them. EWF or Playground wood fiber have been the standard surfacing for outdoor recreation for many years, however, there are many other surfaces beyond wood chips.

Don’t assume that all playground mulch, EWF , is the same.  We are happy to provide Certificates for our playground mulch, ewf, that document ASTM and CPSC compliant wood fiber as well as Independent Testing showing playground surfacing compliance.  Don’t make the common mistake and assume that everyone’s has this or is selling compliant Playground Safety Surfacing.

The Playground, Shade and Surfacing Depot also offers a wide selection of other surfacing options including artificial turf grass, rubber tiles and poured in place rubber (PIP). All of our surfaces are ADA compliant.  You can rest assured that our playground wood chips, EWF , or any surface that we offer, will provide a safe covering around your recreational playground equipment.