Playground Signs & Playground Safety Stickers

Playground signs and labels are great for many aspects of your playground.  From acknowledging playground donors to communicating playground safety information, we can customize playground signs, playground labels and playground safety stickers to your specific playground signage needs.

Our custom playground signs and stickers can come in various materials with our HDPE polytone signs working great for sign customization and nearly a lifetime of use.  We have playground safety labels in Spanish and English and our custom playground signs can be customized in any language.

Playground Safety Signs/Labels To Have On Your Playground


Warns about the hazard of being strangled by loose clothing, drawstrings, necklaces, jump ropes, helmets, pet leashes, etc., and to remove these items from the child or the equipment. See F1487-11 section 14.2.3, and CPSC section 3.2.1. This sign/label requires graphics to illustrate examples (per ASTM (14.3) and ANSI Standards), so check your strangulation warnings.


Warns caregiver to check equipment and/or surfacing before use. See F1487-11 section 14.2.4 and CPSC sections 2.1,, 2.5.3 and 5.3.6 for warning and burn info.


Warns about the hazard of play equipment located over hard surfaces. When surfacing is lacking, it hopefully triggers a call from the alert caregiver on site. See F1487-11 section 14.2.5.


Helps with age separation and correct inspection/audit evaluations. Helps to keep children from using equipment not designed for their age, size and ability. Tot seat information reflects advice from CPSC that tot seats are for children under 4 years of age. See CPSC sections 2.2.6, 2.2.7, and F1487 sections 5.2, 14.2.1.


“Adult supervision is recommended” informs that the playground is not intended for unsupervised play. Many parents and caregivers need this reminder. See F1487-11 section 14.2.2, CPSC sections 1.6 and 2.2.7.


Allows maintenance staff, caregivers and users to quickly check the support posts for proper level of loose fill surfacing depth. If below the marker, fluff it up and/or add more. See CPSC sections (No. 4) and 4.3.

Where To Place Signs Or Playground Safety Labels

Note that according to ASTM F1487-11, section 14.1, posting playground safety signs or labels is critical enough to bear mention.

Let’s first address the Playground Surfacing Level Marker labels. These go on the equipment posts where the minimum depth of playground surfacing is supposed to be, so your loose fill surfacing is covering it up. When you do see the line, fluff up or replace the surfacing so it’s at or above the line (after being compressed).

Place the rest of the playground safety signs/labels so they are readily visible and alert the viewer in time to act. They can be on the equipment or be freestanding (i.e., mounted to a stand-alone post, but outside of use zones). If you have a fenced-in playground, put them at the gate, unless you have equipment that allows differing age ranges. In that case, it should be on the individual pieces (not each “component,” but one on the tot swing, one on the 5-12 composite playground structure, etc.).

If you don’t have it fenced in, then the signs or labels should be visible upon any point of entry. If there are infinite approaches, place them at 12 o’clock, 4 o’clock and 8 o’clock (plain view). Placing them at adult eye level is ideal.

Contact us today for your playground safety label needs or to customize a playground safety sign or a playground thank you to donors sign.  Have another custom sign request, we can do that too!