Vista Cantilever Retractable Umbrella


Our Vista cantilever shade umbrella is a solid and strong commercial umbrella with one distinct advantage: no center post.  For covering swimming pools, spas, patios, alfresco dining and much more, our Vista series offers the incredible benefit of body movement without worrying about posts.  Made from structural steel and powder coated with a zinc primer and your choice of color, they are wind rated to 75 mph.  Like the Sunset range, they are fully retractable; however, they can also pivot 360 degrees using our optional pivot base.  The rotating base is perfect for utilizing the shade at varying times of the day or for covering more than one area.

The unique conical shape of these shade umbrellas is very contemporary and come in various styles and colors including square, rectangle and hexagon. Shade umbrella sizes range from 10 foot to 18 foot.