Resin Pool Furniture & Outdoor Patio Furniture

Professionals know that purchasing durable outdoor furnishings must involve quality products that will last and last—even in challenging outdoor conditions. We offer a solution with commercial outdoor site furniture and pool furniture that not only has durability but is also easy to maintain and has a long life cycle. From city pools, HOA pool furniture, residential pool chaise lounges to Food Service and Hospitality outdoor furniture, we have a wide selection of pool furniture and bistro furniture to match your needs.

Our commercial pool furniture, chaise lounges, bistro furniture and swimming pool deck furniture have years of research that has resulted in patents for advanced resin formulations and technologies that capture the look and texture of wood, metal, and wicker: Rexform®, Kevring®, and the new MPC Technology® allow the production of tables and chairs with exceptional design integrity. These materials replicate natural materials without the maintenance and at a fraction of the cost.

Whether you need HOA pool furniture, hotel pool furniture, park furniture, residential pool furniture, bistro furniture, café furniture, outdoor restaurant furniture or something in between, we probably have it. Just give us a call and let us see how we can find the right commercial outdoor furniture for your needs.