Every organization has different requirements and wishes for climbing walls. That is why we offer you a choice of indoor and outdoor climbing walls. We have five categories of climbing walls: Traverse Walls®, Top Rope Climbing Walls, Freestanding Climbing Walls, Specialty Climbing Walls, and Early Childhood Climbing Walls. We also offer any of these climbing walls for your home. We encourage you to review all types of climbing walls to discover what works best for you.

Traverse Walls® are eight or ten feet high and run laterally. Students are never more than a few feet off the floor as they traverse (climb across) the wall. No ropes, harnesses or other special equipment is needed for a Traverse Climbing Wall.  Traverse Wall® Systems are available in 8 different panel styles.

Top Rope Climbing Walls are used for vertical climbing. They are custom designed to fit your facility and can be mounted on your gym wall or they can be freestanding. Top Rope Climbing Walls can be built with a variety of our surfaces. Keep in mind that Top Rope Walls require special equipment and trained belayers to handle the ropes while climbers scale the wall.

Freestanding Climbing Walls offer versatility. They are perfect for the following situations:

• You are unable to mount a climbing wall. Freestanding Traverse Walls® require only floor space.

•Your school or agency has more than one gym. Our Freestanding Traverse Walls® can be broken down, moved and shared between gyms.

•You would like the option to climb inside and outside. Freestanding walls can be broken down and moved outside temporarily.

•Space is limited. Our Freestanding Traverse Walls® break down for storage.

Early Childhood Climbing Walls are designed especially for preschoolers; our two early childhood climbing walls are each 5-feet high and introduce young learners to climbing, an activity that can become a lifetime pursuit that builds physical, cognitive and social/emotional skills. Climbing helps develop gross motor skills, balance, body awareness and coordination. While climbing, children are problem solving, developing independence and building self-esteem. Each early childhood wall features our Magna® surface that accepts magnets. This enables children to work on fine motor skills to place, remove and arrange magnets as they climb. It also opens unique opportunities to reinforce learning, like letter, number and shape recognition.

home climbing wall adds beauty and fitness opportunities to any room of the home. Playrooms, home gyms, basements, unused attic spaces and backyards are all perfect places for a home climbing wall. We offer traverse walls and top-rope walls in all our panel styles. Our custom mural wall option is an opportunity to integrate custom artwork, design and color palettes into a home climbing wall–a great way to build both form and function into existing and new interior and architecture design. Our experienced designers are happy to work with you to design your home climbing wall or we can collaborate with your personal designer or architect. Please call or email us for more details and pricing.



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