In musical terms a Cadenza is an improvised dramatic solo performance.  We thought this was a good description for this petite instrument. Cadenzas are scaled down outdoor musical instruments perfect for one player and comfortable enough for two.  When played they immediately bring smiles to everyone in earshot.

Strong, weather-proof and durable, the notes are arranged as a traditional xylophone or glockenspiel with low to high notes going from left to right. The notes or keys are available in aluminium, Ipe or GRP (Fiberglass), each of which gives its own distinct sound when played. There are no wires or strings as the notes are individually and securely attached to the resonators for maximum vibration with incredible tones and resonance. The resonators are available in a number of different colours.

The instrument is designed for ground installation, surface or wall mounted. Cadenza’s are tuned to the C-Major pentatonic scale covering two octaves.

The Cadenza has a lovely curved design and is perfect for exploring possibilities with melody, harmony, and rhythm.