With the largest standing over 8′ in height, our Emperor Chimes really are the daddy of all outdoor play chimes – large in sound and size!

As a full set of six they offer a complete c-major pentatonic octave C3-C4.  A set of three offers a primary c-major chord octave in C-Major C,E and G.  Given the flexible arrangement, a horseshoe design allows for users to play inside and outside of these outdoor music masterpieces which is great for ADA inclusivity.

Striking the chime with your hands just about anywhere along the tube produces a deep, resonant, powerful tone that you not only hear, but can feel as well. The harder you strike, the more it will vibrate, creating a louder sound with such resonance you can actually feel the vibration through your entire body.  Because of the vibration, these outdoor music pieces are greatly for sensory as well as the hard of hearing.

It is an amazing experience and you really do feel like you have been bathed in sound!