These substantial Outdoor Marimbas are extremely popular and perfect as school playground equipment, for music therapy sessions and creative playgrounds.

Our Outdoor Marimbas allow musicians and non-musicians alike to perform creative music in interesting outdoor settings. Big enough for up to four people to come together and play at any time – great for impromptu and improvised performances which are relaxing and fun plus a new and interesting way to explore music making.

The fifteen chunky notes are supported by heavy duty stainless steel cable and made from Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic, tuned to the diatonic scale of C-Major. When hit with the attached beaters they make a mellow, warm rich sound. The GRP is made to look like our favourite hardwood – Purple Heart – it’s also extremely strong and robust and virtually maintenance free.

The contemporary stainless steel stands will look delightful anywhere, from a public park, school playground, woodland or private garden area.