Tubular Bells – Outdoor Musical Instrument



These big, bold, beautiful bells have outstanding resonance, the bells produce deep tones which you can feel as well as hear.  Because of the vibration, these outdoor music pieces are greatly for sensory as well as the hard of hearing.

The seven nearly 4 inch diameter aluminium bells range from 5 feet to 7.2 feet tall when installed and they can be installed in any arrangement. They are Pentatonically tuned ranging from A3-C5.  Given the flexible arrangement, a horseshoe design allows for users to play inside and outside of these outdoor music masterpieces which is great for ADA inclusivity.

Built with durable materials, designed to withstand tough environments, the center post is strengthened and the outer tubes fixed using stainless steel security screws located top and bottom. Each bell is capped to prevent debris from entering the bell and dampening the sound.  Played with mallets, two are included on separate columns.

Simple yet striking, these bells will bring an architectural feature to your outdoor area as well as an amazing auditory experience.