Rock ‘N’ Cross is an exciting and unique advancement in youth fitness and play. It combines the multi-child action of a seesaw with a challenging overhead climber. The innovative design promotes four distinct developmental benefits for up to six children. It also provides opportunity for social development and varied physical activity in a fun and exciting package.

With a graduated level of challenge and ease of integration with an existing playground, Rock N Cross is a fun play event for children of all abilities.

Rock N Cross eliminates the dangers of traditional teeter-totters by taking out the pinch points and sudden stops with an internal spring-assisted mechanism. Riders will experience the same movements and sensations we all loved as kids!

Children in the elementary age group enjoy a challenge which they have to “figure out”. Once they give it a try, the Rock N Cross displays a wide variety of complex play opportunities. First off, it’s a rocking event. Children sit on the bench surfaces at either end to rock like a see-saw. Then, the bolder ones grab onto the hand grips underneath to ride as the curved carriage piece rocks back and forth over the pipe track. The children will naturally explore opportunities for “games with rules”; communication, cooperation and socialization occur as everyone has fun trying out the many ways available to play on the Rock N Cross.

Age Appropriate: 5-12
Child Capacity: 5-7 children
Use Zone Required: 26′ x 17′
Fall Height: 8′