Swing Mat – Playground Slide Mat – Playground Surfacing Wear Mat


Need a mat for under your playground swings or playground slides. Our eco-friendly compressed recycled rubber swing mats and playground slide mats are a great choice for protecting your playground surfacing under a swing or at the bottom of a slide from “kick-out’ or wallowing out.  Did you know that inadequate playground surfacing is a common CPSC surfacing violation?

Perfect for reducing displacement of loose fill material and to prevent water puddling. Our 64 pound rubber playground wear mats go under your playground swings.  As kids swing, they scrape their feet on the ground right under the swing, eroding the ground cover and creating low-points. These low-points accumulate water during rain, adding to the deterioration and non-compliance of the playground wood surfacing.  Simply place one of our rubber swing mats under the swing and keep your playground surfacing intact.

Playground Wear Mats for the playground slide exits also work in the same way. As kids slide down a slide, they gradually push away more and more of the playground surfacing at the bottom of the slide, leading to erosion and a non-compliant playground surfacing of that area. These low-points accumulate water during rain, adding to the deterioration and poor look of your playground surfacing.

By placing our rubber swing set mats / slide mats at the bottom of the slide, you can protect your playground surfacing and keep that area from eroding.

Our 100% compressed rubber mats for under swings or at the bottom of a slide are specially designed and manufactured for stability and durability. The non-slip surface is easy to clean and maintain, and will be your playground equipment solution for many years to come.  They include a beveled edge and a ‘waffle’ pattern on the bottom for stability and are 40″ x 40″ x 1 1/2″.  Our playground wear mats are also very heavy (~64lbs.) which is key to helping them stay in place on your playground surfacing.

Call us today for a quote and lower your playground surfacing maintenance time and budget.