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SURVEY: What do you feel is the biggest barrier to improving outdoor play spaces?

Snug Play (Loose Part / Manipulative Play)

Visit our exciting line of loose part play series called SnugPlay. Snug Play is a unique, easy to maintain, open ended, for all ages, interactive, inclusive and manipulative play system.  It can be used indoors and/or outdoors.  It makes for a perfect addition to an Outdoor Classroom or outdoor play space, an indoor music and movement area, gymnasium, Children’s Museum, physical fitness area or all of the above.  It is great for constructivist theory or constructivist play, gross motor development, self-discovery, team building, creative thinking, cognitive skill building and many other activities.  It is also developmentally appropriate for all age groups as it enhances social/emotional, physical, sensory, cognitive and communication skills.

Snug_Play_Fun_Photos_16_Small.jpg Snug_Play_Fun_Photos_7_Small.jpgSnug_Play_Fun_Photos_3_Small.jpg