Creating the future of playgrounds – play that dazzles the senses & the mind of both children and parents everywhere.

Our products bring laws of science to life in playgrounds. Our production process places safety and quality assurance above all else, while our scientists and fun experts design enjoyable learning experiences.

Some of the Learning Topics on the playground can include History, Art, Science, Music, Theory, Play, & Fun Competition.

More specifically our playgrounds naturally spur on conversations about topics such as:

Da Vinci
Centrifugal Forces
The Pythagorean Theorem

The Center of Gravity
Mobius Ring
Isaac Newton

We pride ourselves in the fabrication of a wide variety of safe, playground equipment from the ground up. Here at and also at our sister company, The Playground Shade and Surfacing Depot we believe in doing our business from a Biblically based perspective and we crave good business practices and customer service.  We also strive to see you and your children playing on the best playground you could dream of while naturally engaging the child to desire STEM learning and creative thinking.

Our company is specialized in both the outdoor classroom and hands on learning experiences.  As you imagine one of our spectacular playground experiences in your very own park, play environment or discovery/learning/science or space center, etc., it is good to remember that we offer FAR more products than are shown on this site!   All of our unique science play park attractions are made in Israel and have been successfully used without supervision in public settings for over a decade, boasting sturdy construction that wears in the hot Middle East desert heat to the cold snowy areas of Europe.  It is an exclusive product line that we have added to our outdoor classroom products and lovely music gardens that we have provided with our valued customers for many years.

We offer a full service design to install turnkey service with prices that are extremely competitive! We are an inclusive, one-stop-shop playground company that knows how to safely design & install the play equipment that you need to make a difference in your play value improvements  We can customize pieces and incorporate themes as well when needed.  We do simple to extravagant indoor playgrounds and outdoor playgrounds and have years of experience working in a wide variety of complex environments.  In addition we offer playground safety surfacing, playground shades, playground site furnishings and numerous other recreational and sports equipment.

Please call us to start your next state of the art playground that incorporates all of the senses including science and math concepts, outdoor music, competitive-fun, fine motor and sensory based learning.

We have a long list of delighted customers all over the USA and we look forward to making your next project a news and noteworthy attraction as well.

The Cockpit

Flying High

The Mobius Bench


The Pythagoras Treadmill


Simon Says

The Spinning Universe


What Goes Around Comes Around