Square & Rectangle Hip Shade Structures


Square and rectangle hip shade structures offer economical and efficient shade protection. They are available in a wide variety of sizes, heights, colors and fabrics. When inclement weather is approaching and/or winter weather dictate temporary removal of the shade canopy, our quick release patent pending Glide Elbow allows easier release of the shade structure fabric.  Playground shade structures not only keep children cooler and safer on the playground, playground shade also help keep your commercial playground equipment from getting so hot and fading and deteriorating as rapidly.  Shade structures are also very common for car washes, car dealerships, sandboxes as well as providing picnic shade or school multipurpose shade.

This hip and ridge style of shade structure is often used for shading picnic areas, bleachers, dugouts, car washes, playground shade, water parks, pool decks and many other spaces needing shade.