Pool Surfacing & Aquatic Play Surfacing


Pool Surfacing and Aquatic Play surfacing for water parks, pool decks, splash pads and wet surfaces is important to keep patrons safe and to keep the water deck surface cooler.  Rubber surfacing for pool decks increase traction when wet, keep surface temps cooler and allow graphic abilities.

We offer several types of pool surfacing ranging from acrylic lace, rubber surfacing and cushioned tiles designed for aquatic play.

Our rubber surfacing allows for nearly any pool surfacing graphic and design options you may be looking for.  Our Life Floor® system is soft, cushioned and safer than conventional flooring. Traction actually increases when wet! Besides being UV stable and chemical resistant our tiles actually absorb impact and reduce injuries.

In addition to pool deck surfacing, we also carry water slide pads for safety under water slide exits and other aquatic toys.  These pool slide landing pads or also known as water entry landing pads help protect children and adults alike upon entering the pool at a fast pace.  Our water play landing pads and water play feature pads use PolySoft.  Besides simply reducing abrasions and impact injuries, you want water play cushioning that won’t become a breeding ground for fungi and bacteria.  Unlike other soft-surface rubber materials, PolySoft is fungistatic and hygienic.

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