Splash Pads, Water Slides & Water Play

The Playground, Shade and Surfacing Depot is your one stop shop for all your splash pad, water slides and water play feature needs. From unique splash pad designs to complete spray park installations, we have the water play products and resources to make your spray park or water slide project a reality. Splash pads are a safe, affordable, and exciting enhancement to your day care center, home owners association, community shopping center, amusement facility, hotel or even your own personal water play splash park. Water slides or pool slides are a great way to enhance visibility to your pool and draw more people to your hotel or resort.

Our portable splash pad systems offer the convenience of not having to have recirculating pumps, ionizers, holding tanks, etc. while still offering a fun and interactive splash pad space. These systems hook up to an ordinary water hose and require a GFCI 110(v) outlet. They do require a concrete or solid surface but other than that, there non-permanent mounting is excellent for moving if need be and many times do not require permitting.

Unlike most water and spray parks that are well over $200k, our prices start at around $20,000 for a simple residential splash pad system to $65,000 plus for a lite commercial water play splash pad. Our goal is to provide affordable water play under $125,000. Whether you are looking for a splash pad that is a direct to waste water system or a recirculating system with a splash pad holding tank, we are familiar with both applications.

We carry a number of styles of water slide systems. Whether you are looking for an open stair water slide or a clmbing tower soft play contained water slide system we have them. We have single, double and triple flume water slides as well as water slide landing pads for safety.

Our pool deck surfacing and waterpark surfacing come in many varieties and styles. If you want designs and graphics in your surfacing, our rubber surfacing for pool decks might be your best option. If increased traction and cushion for falls is important for your aquatic play area, our Life Floor® system may meet your waterpark surfacing needs. Let us know your priorities and we can help.

Our design team can design anything from a large scale commercial splash pad with all the bells and whistles to a residential splash pad with a few simple sprays. Our water slides are very versatile for adding to an existing pool or to be designed into a new pool slide area. Please contact us to so we can learn more about your water play vision.