Commercial Water Slides & Pool Slides


Our water slides are the most affordable and safest water slides available in the pool slide industry. These water slides are an attractive addition to any facility; indoor or outdoor, poolside or lake front. Add a water slide and watch your attendance soar!

With multiple water slide options to choose from, we have water slides to fit every type of space and budget.  In today’s competitive hotel and resort industry, every option to increase your attendance, bring repeat customers and increase revenue should be explored.  An upgrade to your pool area has the greatest potential in achieving your goal, while turning your facility into a planned vacation destination.  A hotel, resort or YMCA that includes waterslides will benefit vacationing families hoping to combine the entertainment options with their stay, offering a waterpark experience right in your facility.

Our water slide offerings include two options, soft play enclosed and open stairs.  The soft play enclosed type of water slide system is similar to the type of playgrounds you may find in indoor restaurants, with one major difference.  You drop into water!  The towers consist of alternating decks with an optional version that makes water slides for adults to have an easier climbing experience.  Our open stair water slides are designed just like they sound.  There is an actual staircase that water play enthusiast climb to enjoy their splash.

All of our products consist primarily of aluminum which lasts much better than other materials when exposed to harsh weather and pool chemicals.  If you are looking for a high quality water slide pool addition or any other type of water slides, please contact us today to get your design started.