What Goes Around Comes Around

Recycling is fun – especially when we’re young!

What Goes Around Comes Around is a recycling center that shows children just how fun recycling can be. The center segregates litter into several compartments such as cans, glass, paper, nylon and organic trash. But it does a lot more than that: the children use a vacuum pump to collapse bottles into smaller volumes, while also flattening cans into little discs. The center’s audio system plays messages that encourage the children and thank them for engaging in such important work. You’re welcome!

There is no better way to teach children the value of recycling while having fun and engaging in the science behind suction, vacuum, compaction, etc. with our trash recycling station.  Trash recycling with our recycle trash can provides a unique community effort to repurpose trash waste and have fun while doing it.

Parents and Children alike will have fun recycling their trash with this recycling trash system.  Our recycle trash cans work well for parks, schools, municipalities, science museums and anywhere trash may be accumulated.